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Lucy's Hacienda was purchased and recently renovated with the vision of offering a sophisticated, elegant space with the Latin vibe of amor for private events in the East Texas area. Although there are other event venues around, we are trying to fill the need for an elegant, yet comfortable atmosphere for weddings, Quinceañeras, business events and other private parties. As a bonus, our property has 7 bedrooms, so we have the unique opportunity to offer overnight accommodations as well. 



Kim Sanchez Co-Owner

Martin Sanchez, Co-Owner

Betsy Taggart, Marketing Coordinator

Rosa Yepez, Operations


This property has been in Mount Vernon since the 1970's.  A local physician originally owned the house, his name was Otto Walling and his wife was Lucy. They were beloved in this small town community, and their children/grandchildren are still very connected to this community.

Lucy Walling
Walling family visit Lucy's Hacienda in TX

Walling children holding a photo of Lucy and Otto during a recent visit to Lucy's Hacienda

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